The Department of Zoology strives

  • to provide quality education which equips students with knowledge, insight and expertise required to contribute to society as educators, scientists, administrators and entrepreneurs,
  • to remain as a centre of excellence in zoological and environmental research to assist in the sustainable exploitation and conservation of our natural resources for the benefit of all.


The Department of Zoology values

  • The integrity of its staff and students
  • The highest quality and relevance of its academic and research programmes
  • Our contribution to the formation of national environmental policies
  • Co-operation at all levels in the department and the existence of mutual support systems
  • Appropriate organizational structures at administrative, academic, technical and research levels to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Our inputs at all levels of the university The recognition by the Department, Faculty, Top management and Council of collective and individual achievements
  • Co-operation with other departments within the university and with our colleagues at other universities, nationally and internationally
  • An environment of intellectual freedom and stimulation
  • The maintenance of an orderly society at university
  • The opportunity to participate and co-operate in the process of social and educational upliftment.